Since 1984,the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre (DACC) has been a proud custodians of Dutch Australian heritage and culture. We stand at a crucial juncture in our journey, moving rapidly out of the migration period we are changing the organisation to ensure the preservation and promotion of Dutch Australian culture and heritage going forwards in the new digital age.

To date, we have worked with volunteer labour and minimal funding. However, we have now grown beyond that to a point where to continue growing and developing we need at least part-time staff supported with appropriate tools (scanners, computers, storage space, etc.).

We invite you to consider leaving a lasting legacy that will assist in preserving Dutch culture and heritage also for the 2nd and 3rd generations as well for all Australians. Your support can take many forms, from a bequest in your will to a generous donation that will empower us to continue our vital work.

At the DACC, we are committed to establishing a professional organisation with dedicated staff to safeguard our precious archives, library, and artefacts. Additionally, we aim to digitise our archives, ensuring accessibility for Australians and their Dutch decendents.

Your contribution will enable us to:

  • Preserve Heritage: Safeguarding our archives, library, and artefacts ensures that Dutch Australian history remains intact for future generations.
  • Enhance Accessibility: Digitising our archives will make them readily accessible to Dutch Australians of all ages, fostering a deeper connection to their cultural roots.
  • Empower Growth: With your support, we can expand our programmes and outreach efforts, enriching the cultural landscape of Australia and strengthening the bonds between our two nations.

As a Cultural Organisation the DACC is a Registered Charity in Australia with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and Tax Concession (TC) Status, your donation to DACC is tax-deductible, maximising the impact of your generosity.

To leave your lasting legacy or make a donation, please contact the President of the DACC, Paul Budde at 0418438183 or email