The Dutch Australian Cultural Centre was founded in 1983 and gives as its aims and objectives in its mission statement, the collection, preservation, promotion and dissemination of Dutch culture and heritage in Australia. The Centre immediately started the collection of material for the archives and Library and now, after almost 40 years, it has collected a significant amount of material.

A formal Archives and Library policy was developed which states as its main objectives that it is to provide:

  • A repository for the preservation of documents and other records generated and accumulated by Dutch and Dutch Australian Migrant Associations.
  • A repository for the preservations of private documents and other records of prominent Dutch immigrants and Dutch multinationals in Australia
  • An information service for the Dutch, Dutch Australian and wider community.

The Collection consists of records from the many Dutch clubs and associations that were formed since the Second World War. The accumulated records consist of Correspondence, Minutes of Meetings, Financial Statements, Reports, Newsletters or magazines in written, printed or digital form. In addition there are many objects – maps, photos, slides, c.d.’s and memorabilia. All material received is appraised, arranged, described and conserved in storage if deemed to possess archival value. Hence it is made accessible for research.

Lia van Haren

The DACC Archives has records in the following categories:

Netherlands Society in NSW/ Sydney                                     1944 – 2005

Federations of Netherlands Society Ltd                                 1957 – 2016

Federation of Netherlands Society Ltd Benevolent Fund      1978 – 1998

Federation Social welfare Committee                                    1984 – 2017

NSW Holland Festival Committee                                          1982 – 1998

Queen Wilhelmina Benevolent Fund                                     1903 – 2005

Netherlands Ex-Service Men and Women’s Association        1961 – 2012

Netherlands Benevolent Trust Fund                                       1978 – 2006

Netherlands Society Benevolent Fund                                   1995 – 4/2000

Queen Wilhelmina Dutch Australian Benevolent Fund          4/2000 – 2019

Dutch Australian Publishing Co Pty Ltd                                  1951 – 2004

Radio 2AE Dutch Language Program                                      1976 – 2007

Netherlands Co-operative Building Society Ltd                      1956 – 2006

The Dutch Australian Cultural Centre                                    1980 – 2020

DACC / Juliana Village                                                            1976 – 2001

DACC / Able Tasman Village                                                   1986 – 2003

Catholic Dutch Migrant Association NSW                              1961 – 2018

Catholic Dutch Migrant Association Wollongong                   1962 -2014

The Link                                                                                   1968 – 1972

Netherlands Society of Bankstown                                         1953 – 1989

The Rembrandt Club                                                               1983 – 2012

The Rembrandt Male Choir                                                    1985 – 2004

Sunrise Choral Society                                                            1962 – 2006

Dutch Folk Dancing Group                                                      1958 – 2005

Miscellaneous Dutch Clubs not otherwise listed                   1951 – 2000

Passenger List Emigrant Ships                                                1956 – 1977

Dutch Migrant Issues                                                             

Personal Stories/Dutch migrants and prominent descendants

The archives are stored in the Abel Tasman Village in Sydney. For more information please contact the DACC.

Lia van Haren DACC Archivist (2021)

Lia van Haren and Glen op den Brouw working in the archives.