In 1995 the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre organised a 50 year liberation in the Dutch East Indies commemoration at their premises in the Abel Tasman Village (ATV) at Chester Hill.

Advertisement of this event in the Dutch Australian Weekly (DAW).

Several weeks later the DAW published a double page spread review of several commemorations around the country including the one at ATV.

Two women were mentioned in the programme. Martje Schutte was playing the piano and Vera Harms-Rado gave a lecture.

Vera, a s a young teenager, wrote her story about her time in Japanese captivity.

Eef ten Brummelaar, herself a survival of the Japanese concentration camps in her ‘Brummel’s Babbel’ in the DAW provided a review page of a performance of the “Shoe-Horn Sonata’ a play by John Misto at the ‘Ensemble Theatre’. Vera Harms-Rado was very much involved in the creation of this play. 

Paulus Breedveld

Below is the autobiography of Vera Rado.

Vera died in late 2020 and left some personal effects to the DACC. It also includes her funeral leaflet.