The Sydney-based Dutch Australian Weekly (DAW) w was founded in 1951 by Alfred Schuurman and A. Hilbrink with the assistance of Earl White from the Cumberland Newspapers.

Schuurman had as a 21 year old in 1930, left the Netherlands for the Netherlands East Indies (NEI) here he developed an interest in journalism and in 1937 became the agent and correspondent for the NEI newspaper the Java Bode. After the Japanese invaded the NEI, Schuurman became the head of the NEI Government Information Service, based in Melbourne. He was in charge of the monthly news bulletin ‘Oranje’ for NEI-exiles in Australia

Netherlands Indies Government Information Services (NIGIS) in Australia. “Braintrust NIGIS”, left to right: A. Schuurman (news programming); capt. F. Daniëll (Australian) (Film and Photo Unit); kapt. J. Schim van der Loeff, correspondent; Lt. t/zee 1e klas H. Quispel (Head NIGIS); Hr. M. Pool (administration); Lt. G. van Rijn (secretary NIGIS); Hr. K. Hauserman (radio service). Source: Royal Netherlands Army Archives.

In 1977 he was knighted in the Order of Oranje Nassau for services to journalism and publishing in Australia. Alfred died in 1982.

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