The origin from the current club lay with the Wilhelmina Club and the Football Club Hollandia, who shared resources. They split in 1960 and it looks like the club slowly disappeared.

Together with a friend I started the current Canberra Dutch club in 1970, It grew exponential and after many wine-bottling, progressive dinners, kick-a-ton and major KLM lotteries we had the money together to build a e clubhouse.

Again, we had many builders including me that helped building this two-storey club. It was opened by the then Princess Beatrix and Prins Claus.

I also founded the Windmills a great bunch of carnaval drinking bodies which again grew exponential as they travelled all over the country to meet likewise groups with the same interest

When the new club opened, we had 1600 members with renewed Dutch and Australian businesspeople. Soon afterwards I separate from the Club

Due to mismanagement the club got into trouble and in 2014 I stepped in again.

In 2019 we had 6000 people all revelling at what started as the Canberra Dutch festival, followed by the Dutch food festival to now Dutch Fest Canberra.

Due to the Covid and most great committee members moved away from Canberra that it’s very hard to bring gezelligheid back again.

During the last two years we had to cancel all functions bar the one night we had in the German club last year.

By Hans van de Zandt, January 2022

Princess Beatrix and Hans van de Zandt at the opening of the Dutch Club
Little Pia van de Zandt promoting the Dutch club with handing out Dutch pea soup in the Woden Plaza.

King;s Dinner 2017
En zo begon het met een idee om een klein feestje Te bouwen met Guus in Canberra ….
Groeide uit tot wel 2000 mensen in Sydney
Dutch Liberation Concert Canberra.
Thank you for the memories Canberra Dutch Club inc
Haring happen
Dutch National Memorial Day Ceremony in Canberra
Royal Kings Dinner with a Dutch master chef Ron den Hartog
Visit to Rembrandt Dutch Club St Mary 2015
Collection, including Oranjefeest 2015
Visit to Oranjefeest Melbourne 2014
Oranjefeest Canberra Promo 2016
Fly a kite promo festival 2019
Dutch Food & Culture Festival small promo 2019
Oranjefeest Canberra festival 2015
King’s 50th Birthday celebrations in Canberra 2018
Breng Guus Meeuwis naar Australie
Thank you for the Memories trivia 2012
75 Years Freedom 2021
Experience 75 Years of Freedom in Canberra!

The following text is from a booklet published by the Federation of Netherlands Societies Ltd. in February 1985. The research for this booklet was done by Mijntje Hagen.