The following overview has been compiled by Dr. Nonja Peters

  • 2009: Dutch Australians at a Glance (DAAAG): Preserving cultural heritage – digitally, AEMI Conference, Auswanderer Haus, Bremerhaven, Germany, September.
  • 2009: Redeemer College, Ancaster Canada, Dutch Abroad at a Glance (daaag) preserving Dutch Cultural heritage overseas, May.

Papers on Dutch culture and heritage by Nonja Peters

2016: Opening and closing/summing up speeches at the NIAS LORENZ International Workshop on Digital Humanities – Conceptualising a model for the Digital Preservation of Immigrants Cultural heritage, 22 and 26 August Leiden University – my initiative brought this project to fruition.

  • 2016 – 29 September: AEMI conference paper – Santiago de Compostela (Spain) reserving Immigrants Cultural heritage – Outcome of the NIAS Lorenz Workshop in Leiden. Developing a sustainable model in mutual cultural digital heritage: tools and cases.
  • 2014: Aanpassen & Invisibility: ‘Being Dutch in Postwar Australia, presented at the Invisible Difference: Interrogating ‘Frictionless’ Migration Symposium, Wednesday 23 – Thursday 24 April, University of Western Australia (UWA).
  • 2015: Preserving Immigrants Cultural heritage, Digital Humanities Conference, University of Western Sydney, Australia. This was a collaboration between Professor Paul Arthur at Western Sydney University- who provided the venues and Nonja Peters who organised the workshop. It was funded by the Dutch Embassy in Canberra who paid the fares for the international visitors that were invited.

2015: Migration, Mobilities Connections, AEMI Conference, Turin, Italy, September.

  • 2014: Mapping Asylum and Public Opinion: Do we listen ‘actively’ to all the voices? Boat People: The Long History of Immigration Conference University of Western Sydney 12 & 13 June 2014.
  • 2014: Sustainable Europe via its Asian Cultural Heritage: “Migrants and refugees – then and now”

AEMI Conference Riga, Latvia, 25-27 September.

  • 2014: The ‘Digital Turn, New Shared Space and Asian Family History’ in Panel Title: “Blurring borders. Effects of digitization and popularization of colonial archival legacy for shaping Asian heritage and history.” AAS-in-ASIA  Conference Asia in Motion, Singapore University 17-19 July 20.
  • 2014: The impact of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) on the development of the Indian Ocean Region and its Structure and influence on Western Australia’, Australia Asia Pacific Institute) and Centre for Culture and Technology (CCAT) Lecture Series, 15 May, Curtin University 2014.
  • 2014: ‘Mapping Asylum and Public Opinion’ Nonja Peters, Jason Ensor & Paul Arthur, Boat People: The Long History of Immigration Conference University of Western Sydney 12 & 13 June
  • 2013: No Place Like Home: Experiences of the Netherlands East Indies as Real, Virtual and Politically Contested Reality, AEMI Conference, Swedish American Centre Karlstad, Sweden 2-5 October.
  • 2012: Generations of Immigrants, Employment and Entrepreneurship in Australia 1890 – 2000.

               AEMI Conference, Krakow, September 27 – 29.

  • 2011:Selling a dream – expectation versus reality: Postwar Dutch and Other Migration to Australia 1945 – 1970s.Migration History Matters’, Association of European Migration Institutions (AEMI) Conference, Aalsborg, Denmark, September.

Danish Emigration Archives and Utzon Center Aalborg, Denmark, 28 September – 2 October.

  • 2010: Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Australians of Immigrant Origins: Exploring Digital Accessibility AEMI Conference, Bilbao, Spain, September.
  • 2009: Dutch Australians at a Glance (DAAAG): Preserving cultural heritage – digitally, AEMI Conference, Auswanderer Haus, Bremerhaven, Germany, September.
  • 2009: Redeemer College, Ancaster Canada, Dutch Abroad at a Glance (daaag) preserving Dutch Cultural heritage overseas, May.
  • 2008: Preserving the present for the future, Centre For Advanced Studies in Australia, Asia and the Pacific (CASAAP) 6 August, Curtin University.
  • 2008: No place like home: Experiences of the Netherlands East Indies as real, virtual and politically contested reality, Asian Studies of Australia Association Conference, Sebel Hotel Melbourne July.
  • 2007: ‘Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the inner city’, Northbridge Studies Day, Alexander Culture

Centre Perth April.

  • 2004; ‘Going Dutch’, Journeys, WA History Council, inaugural conference, Perth Convention Centre, 17-19 November.
  • 2004: ‘Post-war Migration to Australia: Expectation and Reality’, Visions, Australia Historical

Association Conference Newcastle, NSW 5-12th July.

  • 2004: National Museum, Canberra: ‘Dutch and Indonesian Refugees from the Netherland East Indies 1942-1946, War Internment and Citizenship conference, June 29-30.
  • 2003: The Europeans Conference, ACIS, On the Street Where You Live, UWA, Perth: 4 July.
  • 2003: John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library (JCPML) ‘From Aliens to Australians’Conference, From

Curtin to Coombs: war and peace in Australia.

  • 2002: Toronto Public Health, ‘Action toward empowerment by immigrants down-under’, 7th

Metropolis Conference, Conference, Togetherness in Difference, Oslo, Norway, September 9 – 13.

  • 2001: Fremantle Studies Day Conference, ‘Immigration Buildings Victoria Quay 1906-1966’, October.
  • 2002: Asia Pacific Network, ‘Immigrant enterprise: Whose business is it’? 7th Metropolis Conference, Togetherness in Difference, Oslo, Norway, September 9 – 13.
  • 2002: University of Queensland, International Sociological Association (ISA) Conference:

History, Biography & Immigrant Enterprise Brisbane 7th-13th July.

  • 2001: Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, ‘Vietnamese Enterprise In Western

Australia: Formal and Informal Economy’, Conference, Third meeting of the Thematic

Network ‘Working on the Fringes: Immigrant Businesses, Economic Integration and Informal

Practices’ – Public Policy and the Institutional Context of Immigrant Business, The European

Commission under the TSER, Holiday Inn, March 22-25.

  • 2001: ‘Immigrant Enterprise’, Australian Anthropological Association Conference, University of

Western Australia (UWA) November.

  • 1999: Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, (IMES) University of Amsterdam, 5-10 October. ‘Immigrant Entrepreneurs in WA’, TSER network sponsored by the European Commission under the targeted Socio-Economic Research programme, the European Science Foundation, the City of Amsterdam, and the Dutch Foundation for Scientific Research NWO; and hosted by the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) University of Amsterdam – invited speaker to present the findings of my PhD research at the behest of my three examiners who were all part of the network. Invited onto the network.
  • 1999: WA’s ‘Ethnic Entrepreneurs’ Australasian Association for European History, 12th Conference Programme Perth UWA, 5-9 July.
  • 1996: Griffith University, Brisbane,‘It’s only a piece of paper: Dutch women and social citizenship in WA’.
  • 1996: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) ‘Dutch in Business in WA’, Workshop.
  • 1996: UWA Summer School Program ‘On the Homefront’, ‘The Lucky Country: Postwar Migration to WA’.
  • 1996: Department of History, UWA Seminar Series ‘Women and Citizenship’, ‘Dutch Women identity and belonging’.
  • 1993: Association of European Anthropologist Conference, University of Amsterdam. ‘Immigration Policy and Patterns of Migrant Labour Force Participation: Western Australia 1949-1992”.

1992: The 22nd European Business Seminar ‘The Entrepreneur in the Driver’s Seat’, Amsterdam, theNetherlands, September 23-25. ‘Immigrant entrepreneurs and the networks they use operating theirbusinesses, Perth Western Australia’, Organised by the European Foundation for Management

Development (EFMD); Centrum voor Innovatief Ondernemerschap Twente (CIOT and: Economisch

Instituut voor het Midden and Klein Bedrijf (EIM).  Invited to present out of a very competitive field.

  • 1991: Medical Anthropology Research Group, (UWA) Australia’ Anorexia nervosa or a delirium of

inanition: determining the role of semi-starvation neurosis in the diagnosis and treatment of anorexia nervosa’.

1991: ‘The Ascetic Anorexic’, Australian Anthropology Association (AAA) Conference Macquarie University, Sydney.

  • 1991: The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Conference, Murdoch University, 1991.

Presented the following papers:

Vietnamese Entrepreneurship.

The diagnosis anorexia nervosa a status degradation ceremony.

  • 1990: UWA Anthropology Department Seminar, ‘Theoretical Aspects of Ethnic Business Enterprise’.
  • 1990: ‘Italian business in the Perth inner city’, Department of History UWA, International Conference on ‘War, Internment and Mass Migration the Italo-Australian Experience 1990’,Perth, WA.


  • 2023: Dutch Maritime, Military, Migration and Mercantile Connections with Australia 2006-2022 speaker at the Augusta Historical Society’s annual dinner in Augusta, 2 May.
  • 2022, The Leeuwin’s skipper, at the 400-year commemoration, Colourpatch café, Augusta 31 October.
  • 2022: December 6, Erasmus Society Melbourne, title of my zoom presentation was: My research!.
  • 2022: The Christian Saves of Depok: A Colonial Tale Unravels, at The Hague” Societeit De Witte, literary association (private club) in the Hague.
  • 2022: Lutjegast- Abel Tasman Museum (3 projects in one presentation, Depokker, Verlander and Moving people.
  • 2021: The Depokkers, Indisch Herinerringscentrum, Sophiahof Museum, November 20.
  • I was interviewed at the launch of De Droom van Cornelis Chastelein, Westfries Museum, June 29, 2019.
  • 2016: 21 October: The Contribution Migrants make to Australia, UN Day, Keynote Speech, Government House Ballroom, Perth.
  • 2013: Invited to give the Keynote speech on the Dutch Connections to Australia 1616-2016 at the International Women’s Lyceum Conference held in Perth May (other Keynotes were Professor Lyn Beazley (State Scientist), Ms Joanne Farrel Managing Director of Rio Tinto), and Winthrop Professor Ted Snell Art UWA).
  • 2013:Dutch Australians at a Glance (DAAAG): Acknowledging the Past, and Sustaining the Present and Future, Keynote paper presented at the Dutch Diaspora in Australia and New Zealand Conference Centre Monash University Melbourne, funded by the Dutch Embassy Australia and Dutch Embassy New Zealand, 15 November.
  • 2012: Invited to present at three Dutch Australia Culture Days on the 400 years plus Dutch Maritime, Military, Migration and Mercantile connection with Australia by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands. The outcome of these conferences was to have Australia designated a ‘priority country’ under their jointly operate Mutual Heritage Policy (this was achieved by December 2012).

The Keynotes took place as follows:

  • Fremantle, Maritime Museum February 19,
  • The Hague Australian Embassy; June 14,
  • Canberra, National Library of Australia, November 29.
  • 2012: Keynote addresses memorial service, Dutch Annex, Defence Cemetery Karrakatta March and May.
  • 2014 –  War in the Netherlands East Indies.
  • 2012 – The ‘Bombing of Broome’.
  • 2010 –  Freedom.
  • 2008 – Children in war in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • 2011: Western Australian Museum Harry Butler Series, presentation on my book ‘We Came by Sea” Migration to Western Australia from 1829 to the present, Maritime Museum theatre, Fremantle, 14 February; Albany in March.
  • 2010: Centre Advanced Studies in Australia Asia and Pacific (CASAAP), paper presented on the Netherlands East Indies relationship with Australian during and immediately after WWII.
  • 2006: Australian Institute of International Affairs, 400 years of Dutch Australian interaction, at St Catherine’s College, UWA, June 27, 2006.
  • 2006: “Expectation versus Reality: Post-war Dutch Migration to Australia’ in Dutch Connections – 400 years of Australian-Dutch Maritime Links 1606-2006, at the Western Australian Maritime Museum, Sydney, May, 13 & 14th organised by the Australian National Maritime Museum and Shell Australia.
  • 2006: “Expectation versus Reality: Post-war Dutch Migration to Australia’ in Dutch Connections – 400 years of Australian-Dutch Maritime Links 1606-2006, at the Western Australian Maritime Museum, Fremantle, May, 16th organised by the Australian National Maritime Museum and Shell Australia.
  • 2006: ‘Dutch Postwar Migration to Australia’, The Dutch Down Under Conference, hosted by the Nationaal Archief and the Lower Houses of Parliament, in Old Hall Oude zaal) House of Representatives, The Hague, 30 March.
  • 2006: War in Europe and the Netherlands East Indies, speech presented at the Dutch War Memorial site, for the Netherlands Ex-Servicemen’s Association (NES) Fremantle, August.
  • 2002: Women and Leadership Conference, Plenary Panel. ‘Women and Empowerment: Tools mustered by migrant women in WA to empower their lives’, Edith Cowan University, November 6-7.
  • 2002: Contemporary Europe Research Centre (CERC), International Conference, ‘Immigration and Human Rights: European Experiences and Australian Resonances’ –Asylum: The tide of public opinion, University of Melbourne,7-Fri. 8 November. Funded by CERC.
  • 2002: Centre for Advanced Education University of Western Australia: Dutch Women in Australia: Perceptions of Identity and Belonging, May 30.
  • 2002: Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) Fremantle Arts Centre, ’Populate or Perish? The Pros and Cons of Post-war Migration to Western Australia’. 3 July.
  • 2002: Curtin University International Women’s Day: Breakfast Speaker, Women and Migration Issues, March 8.
  • 2002: Murdoch University: International Women’s Day Lunch Speaker, Women and Migration Issues, March 8.
  • 1999: Australia Asia Association, Keynote speaker, Perth’s self-employed immigrants, August.