“Settlers of the Latrobe Valley: A Sociological Study of Immigrants in the Brown Coal Industry in Australia” is book by Polish-Australian sociologist and academic Jerzy Zubrzycki.

The book includes two detailed studies, of the Dutch at Moe and the Ukrainians at Newborough, directed to testing the validity of generalisations about ethnic groups.

The book was first published in 1962 and includes a sociological study of Dutch immigrants who settled in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, to work in the brown coal industry. The Latrobe Valley is a region located in the eastern part of Victoria and is known for its abundant brown coal reserves.

Dutch migrants were among the first European settlers to arrive in the Latrobe Valley, primarily to work in the brown coal industry. Many of these migrants settled in Moe, which had a growing population due to the expansion of the brown coal mines and power stations in the area.

The Dutch are still the largest group of migrants, behind the English, approx 1.5% of a the Moe population of 15.000.

The book describes the experiences of Dutch migrants in Moe during the post-World War II period, including their employment, housing, social and cultural integration, and relationships with the wider Australian community. It notes that many Dutch settlers in Moe were able to establish successful businesses, including market gardens and dairies, which provided them with a means of livelihood outside of the coal industry.

It also tells the story of a Dutch family that built a prefab house in 22 days. On 21 days it poured with rain.

The study is based on extensive fieldwork conducted by the author and is considered a seminal work in the field of Australian immigration studies and provides insights into the experiences of migrant workers in Australia during the post-war period. It also sheds light on the social and cultural factors that shape the experiences of immigrants in a new country.

Moe Dutch Choir, 1963 – 1964.
Back Row L to R – G Van de Geer, G Hallinan, J Van Maurik, T Verschuur, S Bosch, R Verschuur, J Bosch, K Noppert, A Braad, T Walravens.
Front row – L to R – Mesdames Huizer, Langenberg, Steenken, Noppert, Poole, Ure, Kayser, Clark, Braad, Roerdink, Van Moorst, Bosch, Tisher, Smit, Mr Reys (Conductor), Mrs Laidlaw.
Source: Moe Historical Society.