For Gerard and Hendrika, it is love at first sight in a dance hall in Amsterdam in 1953. The war years are thankfully behind them and joy is returning to the Earth.

But for Gerard, the eldest of fourteen siblings, his family still faces starvation, lack of money, opportunity, and post-war depression—like many families around them.

The Ten Pound Dutchmen Scheme is too good an opportunity to miss but migrating to Australia, thousands of miles away, will separate the young lovers forever … or will it? Henny must make a life-changing decision: move across the world and follow the love of her life, whom she only met a few months before, or stay with her parents and sisters.

This is a heartwarming narrative that will capture the hearts of many. Alongside a story of love and joie de vivre of the two main characters, there are extraordinary challenges to overcome as a family leaves behind everything that is familiar and travels to unchartered territory to overcome a language barrier and face bullying and prejudice. Can they find their happily ever after?

SBS interview with Monique MacCallum