Dutch-born and UK-raised, 52-year-old Weimar’s professional life has been built on understanding and managing the movement of people and resolving logistical roadblocks.

Having spent years as a leading transport planner in Britain – most recently as chief operating officer (policing and enforcement) at Transport for London and chief operating officer for the First Group bus services across the UK – Weimar was headhunted in 2015 to take up an executive role within Public Transport Victoria (PTV), quickly rising to become its chief executive.

With degrees in economics and urban planning from the London School of Economics, Weimar has also served as Head of Transport Services at the Department of Transport and chief executive of VicRoads.

In mid-2020, the limitations of Victoria’s COVID-19 contact tracing systems were becoming clear. On July 7, when daily cases reached 119. Weimar and several others were headhunted to help turn things around.

Jeroen Weimar has his hands full in Victoria as the Covid -19 response Commander.

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