The following text is from a booklet published by the Federation of Netherlands Societies Ltd. in February 1985. The research for this booklet was done by Mijntje Hagen. 

The Dutch NSW Nursing Committee is actively carrying out a feasibility study regarding the establishment of a nursing home or, alternatively, the provision of nursing care for aged and needy Dutch immigrants.
On 22nd October, 1984, the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs at the time, advised the Federation as follows:
“I am pleased to advise you that the application from your organisation for funding under the Migrant Project Subsidy Scheme was successful and that I have approved a grant of $4,000 for the survey of elderly Dutch migrants living in institutions, identify their welfare needs and assess the need for a nursing home:’

This grant was gratefully accepted and will be put to good use.

The table below table shows projections for the future (from the situation in 1981) of the aged and elderly Dutch born people live in Sydney and N.S.W.

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