A. Drost & B.J. Spitholt, m.m.v. J.M. van Delden, Verslag van de oriëntatie-reis naar en door Australië en Nieuw-Zeeland, typescript, 1957 (Koninklijke Bibliotheek Den Haag, sign. NL 94 H 1000).

This is a report of a trip to Australia and New Zealand by three Dutch officials: A. Drost, B.J. Spitholt, and J.M. van Delden. The trip was organised by the Dutch government in order to gather information about the two countries for potential future economic cooperation.

The report is a detailed account of the trip, covering everything from the itinerary to the impressions of the authors. It includes information on the geography, history, economy, society, and culture of both countries. The report also includes recommendations for the Dutch government on how to improve economic cooperation with Australia and New Zealand.

The report is written in Dutch and is available for consultation at the Royal Library in The Hague. It is a valuable historical document that provides insights into the early years of Dutch-Australian and Dutch-New Zealand relations.

Here is some additional information about the authors:

  • A. Drost was a Dutch economist who worked for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. He was the leader of the delegation to Australia and New Zealand.
  • B.J. Spitholt was a Dutch trade representative who worked for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was responsible for the economic aspects of the trip.
  • J.M. van Delden was a Dutch journalist who worked for the Dutch news agency ANP. He was responsible for the writing of the report.

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