Pepernoten: The Traditional Sinterklaas Delicacy
Is Christmas Eve truly complete without gingerbread cookies? Sinterklaas festivities naturally include these delightful treats, making them an essential part of the celebration. Gingerbread cookies, available at Dutch shops or enjoyable to make at home, hold the top spot on our list of Sinterklaas treats. Engage in some kitchen fun with the children, creating your own gingerbread cookies. Child-friendly recipes can be easily found online.

Whether you love it or not, marzipan holds a special place among Sinterklaas treats. Indulge in a marzipan piglet or a marzipan pietje during the festive evening if you’re a fan. This sweet delicacy, a personal favorite, adds a delightful touch to this Dutch celebration. You can even try making marzipan yourself.

Gingerbread Man
A large gingerbread doll isn’t just a thoughtful Sinterklaas gift; it’s also a delightful addition to your home. Break apart the gingerbread man and share it during the Sinterklaas evening festivities. This classic treat can also be placed in shoes during the countdown to Sinterklaas for added fun.

Taaitaai (ToughTough)
The often-overlooked Taaitaai is a chewy and sweet cookie-like treat that appeals to both young and old. Available in the form of Taaitaai dolls or small chunks, this delicacy complements your holiday evening perfectly. Consider adding Taaitaai cubes to a bowl of gingerbread cookies for a delicious combination.

Frogs and Mice
Remember these delightful chocolates with fondant fillings? Frogs and mice, packaged in vibrant colours, are a sure hit with children.

Chocolate Coins
Give your children the sensation of receiving a bag of money from Sinterklaas with chocolate coins. A timeless favorite, these coins have been a delightful treat for decades, providing a feeling of filling a piggy bank, albeit with chocolate.

Gingerbread Cake
Make December 5th extra special by baking a gingerbread cake yourself. Numerous fun and tasty recipes are available for creating your own gingerbread pie. If you’re not a kitchen expert, Dutch bakeries also offer delicious gingerbread pies during this festive season.

Mandarin Oranges: The Healthy Sinterklaas Delicacy
Mandarin oranges, a seasonal fruit during Sinterklaas, are a must-have for the celebration. Often distributed by Piets during parades and at schools, adding mandarins to gingerbread cookies brings a healthy, colorful, and fresh twist to the array of sweets.

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