The following text is from a booklet published by the Federation of Netherlands Societies Ltd. in February 1985. The research for this booklet was done by Mijntje Hagen. 

In 1980, the vision for a grand Dutch celebration emerged, realizing that such an endeavor required the collaboration of many individuals beyond the capabilities of the Federation’s Board alone. Consequently, a dedicated committee was formed to oversee and coordinate the entire festival, which has been an annual tradition since 1982. While much of the festival’s work is carried out on a voluntary basis, in 1983, it was decided to remunerate three individuals on a part-time basis. This decision aimed to ensure that the Holland Festival would adhere to established business practices and guarantee its continued success and growth in subsequent years.

The objectives of the Festival are multifaceted:

  1. Demonstrating the integration of the Dutch community into Australian society.
  2. Providing a platform for enjoyment and celebration.
  3. Raising funds for charitable causes.

In February 1984, the Festival expanded to include a Trade Fair, enhancing its offerings and attracting even larger crowds than before. Previous festivals welcomed approximately 25,000 attendees each, and the committee anticipates surpassing this figure with the expanded program.

As with any community-driven initiative, the success of the Holland Festival hinges upon the dedication and enthusiasm of numerous voluntary workers. Their commitment ensures the smooth operation and vibrant atmosphere of the festival, embodying the spirit of collaboration and celebration at the heart of the Dutch-Australian community.

Federation of Netherlands Societies ltd. Benevolent Fund

This fund is the recipient of the net surplus of the N.S.W.-Holland Festival by way of donation from the Federation of Netherlands Societies Ltd. It is guided by recommendations made by the members of the Federation of Netherlands Societies Ltd. when together in, general meeting. The Fund is registered under the provisions of the Charitable Collections Act, 1934-41, at Sydney, June 1977. Certificate of registration No. CC. 23229.