Barenbrug celebrated its 120th birthday in 2024.

Barenbrug Australia, a subsidiary of the Royal Barenbrug Group, plays a significant role in the Australian agricultural sector. The Royal Barenbrug Group, headquartered in the Netherlands, was founded in 1904 by Joseph Barenbrug and has since become a global leader in grass and legume seed research, development, production, and marketing. With operations in over 20 countries, the company has a rich history and a strong international presence.

Barenbrug Australia was established to extend the group’s reach into the Australian market. Leveraging the global expertise and resources of its parent company, Barenbrug Australia focuses on providing high-quality seed products tailored to the diverse climates and agricultural needs of the country. The company is deeply involved in developing and introducing grass and legume varieties suited to Australian conditions, emphasizing research and development in collaboration with local farmers and agricultural institutions.

Throughout its history, Barenbrug Australia has expanded through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, strengthening its market position and broadening its product portfolio. These strategic moves have included acquiring local seed companies and working with agricultural research organizations to enhance their offerings.

Sustainability and innovation are core values for Barenbrug Australia. The company invests significantly in sustainable agricultural practices and environmentally friendly products. Ongoing research focuses on developing new seed varieties with improved performance, disease resistance, and adaptability to climate change.

Barenbrug Australia has a substantial presence in the Australian market, providing widely used seeds for pasture, turf, and forage. Known for their quality and reliability, Barenbrug products are trusted by Australian farmers and landscapers alike.

The Royal Barenbrug Group, with over a century of experience, has built a strong reputation in the seed industry. From its beginnings in the Netherlands, the company quickly expanded internationally, becoming a leader in agricultural innovation. Barenbrug’s focus on research and development has led to numerous high-yielding, sustainable, and resilient seed varieties that set industry standards.

Barenbrug Australia’s success is rooted in the robust foundation and global expertise of the Royal Barenbrug Group. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to sustainability, Barenbrug Australia continues to support and advance the agricultural sector in Australia, maintaining a pivotal role in the industry.

In 2004, Barenbrug was granted the ‘Royal predicate,’ a distinction awarded only to companies of exceptional prestige and importance in their field. To qualify, companies must have existed for more than a hundred years, demonstrate sustainable management, and maintain an excellent reputation.

Barenbrug Toowoomba

The company invested in the Australia-based Heritage Seeds in 1990. In line with its parent company, the Royal Barenbrug Group, which part-owned Heritage Seeds from its inception in 1990 and fully owned it since 1996, the name of the Australian company was changed to Barenbrug to ensure consistency within its global operations. Its head office in Australia is based in Dandenong, Victoria.

In 2019, they opened a new $15-million warehouse facility in Toowoomba. At that time, the company employed 110 people with representation across the country.