SWELL Sculpture Festival (SWELL) is a multifaceted arts organisation that connects people, art, and place, based in Currumbin, Gold Coast, Queensland. Since 2003 SWELL has exhibited 873 Sculptures in the main exhibition on Currumbin Beach with a portfolio value worth $15.5M.

Angela van Boxtel is a Dutch, Queensland based Artist. Her work encapsulates creative imaginary sculptures created from waste materials, mostly single use plastics. She has knitted the world’s largest waste knitting created from lemon netting, crocheted over 20,000 plastic shopping bags into sculptures acquired by commissions, and shown at many a festival around Australia. She was the Artist in Residency at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre where she learned ‘digging another hole’ (the Australian take on waste) is not the answer. With her degree in Media & Communications she is a passionate speaker and campaigner for environmental change and challenging consumers behaviour that waste is just a resource not yet explored.

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