At the Dutch Chamber of Commerce Queensland, members have been suggesting extending our activities to include cultural, historical, and social events. Today, we are very excited to present to you Dutchlink Brisbane, which is built on the success of our sister organisation Dutchlink Sydney!

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While the DCCQ will continue to organise dedicated business activities, we are offering Dutchlink Brisbane as a platform to bring people together around these extended activities, whether we organise them ourselves or communicate about activities organised by others.

Our cycling event in November was a great success and many people have commented “we didn’t know about this”, so we decided to start producing a regular newsletter. Please subscribe to it here free of charge to receive all relevant updates and stay up-to-date about activities of interest.

Upcoming events include the celebration of King’s Day and an event with the Dutch Ambassador, University of Queensland and Archerfield Airport regarding a project to commemorate the Dutch activities in Brisbane during WWII.
Furthermore we are open to suggestions regarding Dutch traditions such as Sinterklaas, sport events or interesting Dutch art exhibitions, with the exhibition European Masterpieces as a recent example. We envisage that on those occasions, we can organise special events led by local Dutch champions in Brisbane.

If you have an interest in a specific event and would like to organise that under the Dutchlink banner to reach a lot of Dutch people, contact us and we can collaborate!

Watch this space! Make sure to keep an eye out for our newsletter and check in on our website.