“Mededelingen Ned. Vereniging “Abel Tasman”” was a Dutch-language publication that was established in Hobart, Australia in 1952. It was published by the Dutch Association “Abel Tasman,” which was founded in 1950 to serve the Dutch community in Tasmania.

The publication focused on Dutch-Australian cultural and community news, as well as news from the Netherlands and other Dutch-speaking regions. It also featured articles on topics such as history, literature, art, and music.

“Mededelingen Ned. Vereniging “Abel Tasman”” was published on a regular basis and was distributed to members of the Dutch Association “Abel Tasman” as well as to other Dutch migrants living in Tasmania. The publication played an important role in preserving and promoting Dutch culture and heritage in Australia, particularly within the Dutch Australian community in Hobart.

The Dutch Association “Abel Tasman” was named after the famous Dutch explorer who discovered Tasmania in 1642. The association held regular events and activities for its members, including Dutch language classes, cultural events, and social gatherings.

Overall, “The Mededelingen Ned. Vereniging “Abel Tasman”” and the Dutch Association “Abel Tasman” played an important role in fostering a sense of community and connection among Dutch expatriates living in Tasmania, and in promoting Dutch culture and heritage in Australia.