The ‘Dutch Societies Courier’ was first published in Victoria on behalf of the Associated Netherlands Societies in May 1970 by Max Leening.  The idea of the publication was to connect all the different Dutch clubs in Victoria through a publication that functioned like an extended newsletter.

Since the early days, this Victorian based Dutch newsletter has spread is wings to become a national newspaper for the Dutch community that still keeps touch with the Dutch clubs and organisations but has grown to include general news and stories about the Dutch in Australia, a bit of history, items about Dutch language and, of course, sports.

The publication changed its name in 1985 to Dutch Courier.

Former editor Cor Lefel who has done an amazing job putting the paper together for over ten years, handed over the resign since 2018 to Carole Overmaat, known to most in and around Melbourne from her Dutch TV productions on Channel 31.

For more information go to  the Dutch Courier website

The Dutch Australian Heritage Centre in Melbourne has copies of all the newspapers produced over the 50+ years.