Despite the poor level of language retention among the descendants of the Netherlands-born, Dutch remains an important community language in Sydney. In 2002 a new Dutch syllabus was introduced to the New South Wales Higher School Certificate. However, the number of students sitting for Dutch exams at the end of high school has steadily declined. Undergraduate courses in the Dutch language have also been terminated in Australian universities because of falling enrolments, but in Sydney, Dutch is taught by the Saturday School of Community Languages, the Workers Educational Association and to a group of Dutch-speaking primary school children attending the Stichting Nederlandse School ‘De Kangaroo’ in Gordon. (Source The Dictionary of Sydney)

Online classes at Dutch School ‘de Kangoeroe’ in Sydney – 2022
In addition to classes at the Hunters Hill, Manly Vale, Surry Hills and Forestville locations, Dutch school ‘de Kangoeroe’ is also providing online classes this year. They use the latest methods that enable them to offer hybrid education.
Requirements for online learners:
– You live more than 45 minutes’ drive from one of the above-mentioned locations
– The children have basic knowledge of the Dutch language
– Homework is done at home and Dutch is spoken regularly.
Do you also want your child(ren) to be part of their Dutch community and develop their Dutch language?
You can sign up NOW, both for online classes or at any the locations!
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‘De Kangoeroe’ offers more than just classes. They celebrate cultural traditions such as Sinterklaas and King’s Day for which online students are also welcome. Parties are celebrated the Dutch way with dressed up teachers, ‘spijkerpoepen’ and ‘oliebollen’.
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