“Kriskras door Australië” is the Dutch translation of the book “Beyond Australia’s Cities” written by Bill Beatty and translated by J.E.L. Stoffers. The book was originally published in English in 1956 by Cassell, and the Dutch edition was published in 1959 by Het Spectrum.

The author, Bill Beatty, was an Australian writer and adventurer who gained popularity for his travel writing. In “Beyond Australia’s Cities,” Beatty takes readers on a journey through the diverse landscapes and regions of Australia, exploring the country beyond its major cities.

The book offers a firsthand account of Beatty’s travels and experiences as he ventures into the remote and less-explored areas of Australia. It delves into the natural wonders, cultural aspects, and unique characteristics of various Australian regions, providing readers with insights into the country’s vastness and diversity.

Beatty’s writing style is known for its engaging narratives and vivid descriptions, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the Australian landscapes and encounter the people and places he encounters along the way.

The Dutch translation of the book, “Kriskras door Australië,” was published by Het Spectrum, a renowned publishing house based in Utrecht and Antwerp. The translation by J.E.L. Stoffers aims to bring Beatty’s travelogue to Dutch-speaking readers, enabling them to explore and discover the wonders of Australia through Beatty’s eyes.

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