“Australië en Nieuw-Zeeland” is the Dutch translation of the book “Australia and New Zealand” written by Colin MacInnes in collaboration with the editors of LIFE magazine. The translation was done by Anna R. Wierdsma. The Dutch book was published in Amsterdam by Het Parool in 1965.

Colin MacInnes was a British writer and journalist known for his works on social and cultural issues. He gained prominence for his novel “Absolute Beginners,” which depicted the youth culture and racial tensions in 1950s London.

In “Australia and New Zealand,” MacInnes and the editors of LIFE magazine provide an exploration of the two countries, Australia and New Zealand, covering various aspects of their geography, history, culture, and society. The book offers insights into the landscapes, people, traditions, and contemporary life of Australia and New Zealand during the time of its publication.

Anna R. Wierdsma is credited with translating the original English text into Dutch, making it accessible to a wider audience in the Netherlands.

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