The book is a novel by Nevil Shute, published in English as The Far Country in 1952. The book is set in post-war England and Australia, and it tells the story of Jennifer Morton, a young woman who inherits some money from her grandfather and decides to visit her cousin in Australia. There she meets Carl Zlinter, a Czech doctor who escaped from a communist prison camp and works as a lumberjack. The book explores the contrast between the bleak and rationed life in England and the prosperous and free life in Australia .

The book was translated into Dutch by A.E. Wolfson and published as Land in de verte by Zuid-Hollandsche Uitgevers Mij (Ad.M.C. Stok) in 1955. The book had several reprints, such as the 6th edition in 1969 and the 1983 edition .

The book has 320 pages and is part of the Elsevier Pockets series. It is not available online, but it can be bought or borrowed from some bookstores or libraries in the Netherlands.

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