The book is titled Australisch avontuur, which means Australian adventure in English. It is a children’s book that tells the story of a Dutch boy who emigrates to Australia with his family and experiences various adventures in his new country.

The author is H. te Merwe, a pseudonym of Nicolaas Heiner (1910-1979), a Dutch author who wrote several books for young readers, mostly about historical or exotic topics. He also used the pen name H. Henszen Veenland on the cover of this book.

The book was illustrated by Menno, a Dutch artist who also illustrated other books by H. te Merwe and other authors.

The book was published in 1958 by W.D. Meinema in Delft, the Netherlands, as part of the Mei-pockets series, a collection of pocket-sized books for children and young adults.

The book has 160 pages and an ISBN of 90-211-0001-4.1

Nicolaas Heiner (H te Merwe)

Nicolaas Heiner was the son of an alderman of the Anti-Revolutionary Party in Gorinchem, he became a teacher at schools in Rotterdam, Bennekom and Delft, but – after obtaining various certificates – eventually chose to study Dutch at the University of Utrecht. However he preferred writing above studying. He had an active role in establishing the Sunday school fund of Meinema.

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