The book title is Jack en Sheltie, written by Piet Prins, a Dutch journalist, politician and children’s book author.

The book is part of the Sheltie series, which features the adventures of Jack Westerbaan, a Dutch immigrant in Australia, and his faithful dog Sheltie.

The book was published in 1966 by De Vuurbaak, a Dutch publisher of Christian books12. It has 14 illustrations by Jaap Kramer, a Dutch artist and illustrator.

The book was translated into English as The curse of Urumbu by James C. van Oosterom, a Canadian-Dutch translator and writer. It was published in 1980 by Paideia Press, a Canadian publisher of Christian books.

The book is about Jack’s trek through an unknown part of Australia, where he kills an animal that is sacred to the local Aboriginal people. He is then pursued by them for revenge, until he meets Bora, a young Aboriginal man who changes his fate.

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