“Leesgids Australië: Verhalen uit en over Australië” is a book that features stories by Australian writers as well as travel stories by travelers who have visited the country. It was first published in 2003 and contains 240 pages.

The book aims to provide readers with a diverse collection of literature that captures the essence of Australia, showcasing the works of both renowned Australian authors and accounts from travelers who have explored the country. By including stories from different perspectives, it offers a multifaceted view of Australia’s culture, landscapes, and people.

Some of the notable authors featured in the book are:

  1. Venero Armanno: An Australian writer known for his novels exploring themes of identity, cultural heritage, and migration.
  2. Robert Hughes: A prominent Australian art critic and writer who is well-known for his book “The Fatal Shore,” which delves into the history of the convict settlement in Australia.
  3. David Malouf: An acclaimed Australian novelist and poet recognized for his lyrical writing style and exploration of Australian identity.
  4. Peter Carey: An internationally renowned Australian writer and two-time winner of the Booker Prize. Carey’s works often touch on Australian history, politics, and social issues.

These authors contribute to the rich literary landscape of Australia and offer unique perspectives on the country’s culture and history.

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