Andries Snoek (1932-2024) has been writing for Dutch newspapers in Australia for 37 years, contributing to the Dutch Australian Weekly from 1983 to 2004, and to the Melbourne-based Dutch Courier from 2005 till his death in 2024. His career in journalism began at the age of 14 in Gorinchem, when his interest in the city’s street names led to his first published piece in the local newspaper. Despite an early desire to study Dutch, military service and subsequent job market challenges redirected his path. Snoek gained experience in various roles, including as a military officer, advertising assistant, and bookstore manager.

In 1963, Snoek transitioned to publishing, becoming an assistant publisher in Deventer and eventually a director in Gorinchem. In 1980, he moved to Melbourne to establish a new branch for his publishing company, also managing relations with Indonesia. After a company reorganisation in 1988, he opted for early retirement in Australia.

Snoek’s work for the Dutch Courier includes the column “In de Marge” and various series on Dutch history and culture. He has published notable works such as “The Dutch in Australia” and “About the Dutch.” Despite his retirement, Snoek continues to cherish his writing career and the connections made through his work, serving as an inspiration for future generations of writers.

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