Cees van der Zalm was a Dutch footballer born on September 30, 1901, in Loosduinen, The Hague. He had a notable career with the Netherlands National Football team (Oranje), playing three matches between 1927 and 1929.He played for VUC in The Hague and captained the club until his retirement of football in 1934.

Immigration to Australia

In 1952, van der Zalm immigrated to Australia with his wife and seven children, and two of his brothers, settling in Morwell, Victoria. He quickly became involved in the local football scene as the coach of the Morwell Soccer Club. Van der Zalm’s expertise proved instrumental as he led the club to the Latrobe Valley Soccer League (LVSL) championship in 1954. The club had many Dutch players in its teams.

Sadly, Cees passed away in December 1956 in Morwell due to lung cancer.

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