The history of Dutch Community Radio in Western Australia is rich with dedication and passion from its volunteers. It began nearly 50 years ago with reel-to-reel tapes and has evolved significantly since then. Initially established through the Multicultural Radio and Television Association (MRTA), the Dutch program aired on Radio 6NR in Perth.

Over the years, dedicated individuals like Henk Meeuwese, Aat Kievit, and Jenny Kievit kept the program running, even as technology changed and challenges arose. The transition from reel-to-reel tapes to monthly cassettes from Radio Nederland Wereldomroep marked a significant shift in how the program was produced and broadcasted.

Through the dedication of volunteers and support from the community, Dutch Community Radio continued to thrive, moving from temporary locations to a permanent studio on Fitzgerald Street in North Perth. The commitment of volunteers, both past and present, ensured that the Dutch language broadcast remained a vital part of the community.

Even as changes were made to the format and broadcasting platform, such as the move to Radio Fremantle in 6CCR, the spirit of Dutch Community Radio remained strong. The program’s persistence and commitment to providing Dutch music, news, and community announcements have made it a beloved institution for listeners in Western Australia.

As both the current (2024) President, Peter van der Wedden, and past president Harry Crijns (+2022) emphasise, the success of Dutch Community Radio relies on the dedication of its volunteers and the support of its listeners. They invite anyone with a passion for music and a desire to connect with the Dutch community to get involved and experience the joy of broadcasting firsthand.