Elizabeth Stukkien was born in 1942 in the Netherlands and emigrated to Australia in 1971 with her husband and four children. She worked as a teacher and a librarian in Perth and Brisbane. She died in 2017 in Brisbane and was survived by her husband, children and grandchildren.

Hartog’s kinderen

Hartog’s kinderen (Hartog’s children)was published in 1990 by Frieswijk in Groningen. It is a translation of the original English version, Hartog’s Children, which was published in 1988 by Allen & Unwin in Sydney.

The book is a life story of a Dutch family who struggles to build a new life in Australia in the 1970s and 1980s. It follows the experiences of Dirk Hartog, a carpenter who moves with his wife and four children from Amsterdam to Perth, and faces challenges such as culture shock, unemployment, racism, alcoholism and marital problems . The book also explores the themes of identity, belonging, adaptation and resilience.

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