Eddy Nyp was the first president of the club.

Founded in August 1962, the club was known as “Sports Club Holland” until 1982-83, when a name change led to the modern Gambier Centrals being born.

In 2003 the club finally put down roots on Bishop Road, moving from its second home on Penola Road alongside activ8.

Photograph of a cheque presentation on behalf of the Sports Club in July 1963, Mount Gambier. The Holland cheque funds the Holland Trophy for soccer. Source State Library of South Australia
Back (L-R): Eddie Otter, Mustafa Muratagie, Piet van Dyk, Paul Burzyk, Rom Gawrys, Vince Ferrazzola, William Fulton Front (L-R): Alex Heesemans, Henry Spoulder, John Byleveldt (Patron) Murray Stewart (Captain- Coach), Alan van Riet (President), Pieter Sierat, Alexander Dair – 1967 Source State Library of South Australia

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Minutes of General Meeting 12/6/1212 as part of a e-book of the club