According to Adam Muyt in his book Clogball, Ballarat fielded a range of football clubs with typical Dutch football names: Juliana, Wilhelmina, Hollandia, and Fortuna. By the end of the 1960s, these clubs had folded, merged, or were no longer majority Dutch. In 1967, what was left merged into the Ballarat Soccer Club. Many of the second generation—children of the early Dutch emigrants—continued the tradition and were committed to keeping the club going. Many of them took part in the management of the club and in training and coaching.

In 2024 still half of the life members of the club are Dutch,

Dutch players in the Juliana Soccer team that played in the Ballarat Amateur Soccer Association 1954-56.
J. Vissers (BSC life member), Ad van Berkel, Andy Sloothaak, J. Gerritson, Bert Schuurs, Jos Stoffels (BSC life member), A. Kuiper. Front row: J. van den Hoek, Joe Ruyg, Jan Ruyg (BSC life member) and T. van Bommel. Source: Ballarat City F.C. Facebook page.

Ricky Romein

The Romein family stands out for their remarkable contributions to the club. Goalkeeper Rick Romein, holds the record for the most senior matches played with 441 appearances, following this he continued as as a coach for many years.

During the celebration of the club;s 1000 league matches, in 2012, Rick and three of his sons – Josh (25-year-old captain), Aaron (22), and Tristan (20) – play in the senior team against Williamstown at Trekardo Park, while his youngest son, Jake (18), featured in the reserves. The Romein name has been part of nearly 600 of the Red Devils’ matches. The family’s deep connection to the club is evident as Rick, his brother David, and his sons have significantly contributed to its history. Josh, the team captain, is 11th on the club’s top goal scorers’ list with 37 goals. Aaron follows in his father’s footsteps as the team’s goalkeeper. Rick’s sister Ingrid was part of the first women’s team of the club.

Source: Romein family plays big role in Red Devils’ history

John Ruyg

He arrived from the Netherlandsin 1952 and since then has been involved in the game up until his health wouldn’t allow it, he passed away in 2020.

He was devoted to the club, always volunteering his time, he helped to build the clubrooms at Trekardo Park and even driving the bus when needed.

Many would have fond memories of his love to stand up in front of a audience and tell his stories and jokes. He was a life member, a president a uncompromising player in his day.

Press clipping as posted on the Club’s Facebook page.

John Vissers

The Vissers family emigrated from the Netherlands in the 1950s. Jan (John) and his sons Martin, Theo and Harry all became active football players in the early Dutch clubs in Ballarat and after that in what became Ballarat City F.C.

The fact that the stand at Trekardo park is named after John is a clear indication of his contribution to the club.

J.M.Vissers Stand – Trekardo Park – Ballarat