It is interesting to note that in the 20th century the Royal Netherlands Navy visited Australia more times than any of the other other European Continental Countries. This has obviously to do with the Dutch colony to the north of Australia, the Netherlands East Indies, now Indonesia.

Dutch Naval Visit at the opening of Australia’s First Federal Parliament – 1901

Dutch Naval Visit to Australia in 1930

Dutch Submarine K-XVIII Visits Fremantle in 1935

Dutch Gunboot Flores Visits Australia to Commemorate Sydney’s 150th Anniversary 1938

During the occupation of the NEI from 1942-1945 whatever what was left of the Royal Netherlands Navy naval fleet of the NEI fled to Australia. Still part of the conflict was the visit in 1960.

Visit of Dutch Aircraft Carrier Karel Doorman – 1960 – New Guinea Crisis

After the prolonged war period, a new form of naval visits emerged, combining such visits with ‘Holland Promotion’.

Three Dutch Naval Visits to Australia in the 1970s

Dutch navy ships visiting Australian in 1988

Dutch warship participates in Australian naval exercise Sept. 2021