Get excited as from 12 March – 13 June 2022 the 23rd Biennale of Sydney will take place: rivers, wetlands and other salt freshwater ecosystems will feature in this Biennale, titled ‘Rivus’. The Bieannale is all about the varying political awareness of  dynamic living systems: Can a river sue us over psychoactive sewage? What do the eels  in that river think? This year you can enjoy 2 Dutch contributions.

Trio ‘Embassy of the North Sea’ (Harpo ‘t Hart, Anne van Leeuwen en Thijs Middeldorp)  was founded on the principle that the North Sea owns itself. Here, the voices of plants, animals, microbes, and people in and around the North Sea are listened to and involved. The Embassy has plotted a route through to 2030, firstly learning to listen to the sea before learning to speak with it. Finally, the Embassy will negotiate on behalf of the North Sea and all the life that it encapsulates. For more information: Embassy of the North Sea – Biennale of Sydney

The second Dutch contribution comes from Diana Scherer.  Diana explores the relationship between humans and the natural environment. Through her installations, photographs and botany, she examines the boundaries between plant culture and plant nature. What does “natural” mean in the Anthropocene? Are human beings part of nature or a parasitic species on the environment? For the past few years, her fascination has focused on the dynamics of the root system. Scherer applies the intelligence of plants in her work and makes their hidden world visible. For more information: Diana Scherer – Biennale of Sydney

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For more information on the Biennale of SydneyBiennale of Sydney – 23rd Biennale of Sydney – rīvus

Embassy of the North Sea
Diana Scherer