The following information was written in 1985. The Club no longer exists

This club is at the moment in a kind of transition state. Many of its old members have moved and their children live too far away from Bankstown and have started their own interest groups further away in their suburbs. But even so, there are still many activities going on, such as film evenings, picnics, contact evenings and dance evenings. Like most clubs, it has a monthly magazine, which again the Secretary will be pleased to forward to anyone.

The history of the club is virtually the same as that of the Sutherland Club, with the difference that, in the first whirls of excitement, nobody thought about a constitution. It was however, a minor thing. When it was brought to their notice that a constitution was necessary, it was quickly rectified with a set of rules and regulations, which was at that time (1953) acceptable under the “Charities Act”. In May 1984, the club was in the process of a new constitution and by-laws, in line with the “Charities Act” as it applies at present.

There was great interest in the drama club. A surprising number of people proved to be actors and have given many a family happy and memorable evenings.

Apart from entertainment, the older and more settled members of the club were very active in helping to find work for new arrivals. Assistance was given in obtaining suitable accommodation and many other ‘social services’ were provided. It must be said that members of these older clubs were very influential in the forming of the Co-operative Building Societies.

One of the highlights was the 25-year Jubilee, which was celebrated with a big party, when $2,000 was donated to the Juliana Village.