Outgoing board members l-r: Klaas Woldring, Theo Bourne, Paulus Breedveld, Lia van Haren with Consul General Hugo Klijn (l) and DACC President Paul Budde (r).

Sydney, November 10, 2023

The Dutch Australian Cultural Centre (DACC) is set to usher in a new era, marking a significant shift from its historical roots. A dedicated team of volunteers worked hard to build and safeguard the organisation’s invaluable archive and library over the past four decades.

Recognising the need for a forward-looking strategy, the DACC embarked on an ambitious digitalisation plan a few years ago. This initiative aimed to make its extensive archives accessible online. It also strived to engage actively with the broader Dutch-Australian community. The move from a NSW focus to a national and international one, reaching as far as the Netherlands, has seen the DACC’s website attract between 2500 and 3000 monthly visitors, with over 700 articles now accessible online.

The success of this endeavour garnered support from the Dutch Government. Its grant of financial assistance is an endorsement of the DACC’s commitment to embracing a digital future. Encouraged by this growing interest, the DACC sought assistance from its expanding user base, resulting in a remarkable influx of over a dozen active contributors. This collaborative effort allowed its longstanding board members to step down gracefully, secure in the knowledge that a new generation of DACC board members will safeguard the fruits of their work and extend it further.

The newly appointed DACC board includes Paul Budde as President, Helga ten Brummelaar as Secretary (Sydney), Elizabeth Blomberg as Treasurer (Brisbane), and board members Jacoba Black (re-elected – Sydney), Associate Professor Pierre van der Eng (Canberra), Dr Anneke van Mosseveld (Armidale), Paul Rubens (Melbourne), and Hans Bruitzman (Geelong).

Additional members contributing to strategic initiatives, research, and national and international representation include Professor Ton Kalmthout (Netherlands), John Noble (Melbourne), Dr Jack Ford (Brisbane), Ron van Erven (Perth), Yvette Paulusz (Melbourne), Dr Karen Agutter (Adelaide), Dr Nonja Peters (Perth), Kees Wierenga (Tasmania), Dr Marijke van Faassen (Nederland), Bas Kreuger (Nederland) en Dr Rik Hoekstra (Nederland). This team started a project aimed at making an inventory of Dutch-Australian primary researchers. Other researchers are more than welcome to join this team.

The commendable achievements of the outgoing board members were acknowledged by the Consul General of the Netherlands, Hugo Klijn, who presented each with life membership of the DACC.

The Dutch Australian Cultural Centre, established in 1984, is dedicated to a set of core objectives:

  • Preservation of Dutch-Australian Heritage: We are committed to safeguarding the rich history of Dutch interactions and immigration to Australia.
  • Resource Accessibility: We provide comprehensive access to this historical treasure trove through both digital and physical resource facilities.
  • Ongoing Cultural Research: We engage in continuous research efforts focused on Dutch-Australian culture and heritage.
  • National and International Collaboration: We actively foster networks, both nationally and internationally, to facilitate collaboration and support for our mission.

Our physical resources, including archives, a library, an office, and a meeting room, are located in Sydney. For easy access to archival materials, we have developed our website (Digital Hub). We also curate a free monthly e-newsletter featuring the latest additions to the Hub, which is accessible to all, please register your name below for this free newsletter. See: www.dacc.net.au