We proudly present our DACC Research Team. The team is involved in:

  • Conducting primary research on Dutch-Australian culture and history.
  • Compiling an international inventory of primary research and contacting other researchers involved in such studies.
  • Providing access to the research through the DACC Hub whenever possible.
  • Contributing articles to the news section of the DACC website and its free e-newsletter.

The DACC Research Team includes.:

  • Dr Karen Agutter (Adelaide)
  • Jorien van Beukering (Brisbane)
  • Associate Professor Pierre van der Eng (ACT)
  • Dr Marijke van Faassen (Nederland)
  • Dr Jack Ford (Brisbane)
  • Dr Rik Hoekstra (Nederland)
  • Professor Ton Kalmthout (Netherlands)
  • Bas Kreuger (Nederland)
  • Dr Anneke van Mosseveld (Armidale)
  • Yvette Paulusz (Melbourne)
  • Dr Nonja Peters (Perth)
  • Kees Wierenga (Tasmania)