“Sportblad S.C. Windmills” was a Dutch-language publication that was established in Perth, Australia in 1958. It was the official publication of the Dutch soccer club S.C. “Windmills,” which was also founded in 1958 to serve the Dutch community in Perth and surrounding areas.

The publication focused on soccer news and events related to S.C. “Windmills,” as well as news from the Netherlands and other Dutch-speaking regions. It also featured articles on topics such as Dutch culture and community news.

“Sportblad S.C. Windmills” was published on a regular basis and was distributed to members of the Dutch soccer club as well as to other Dutch migrants living in Perth. The publication played an important role in keeping members of the Dutch community in Perth informed about soccer events and other news related to the club and the broader Dutch community.

S.C. “Windmills” participated in various soccer leagues and tournaments in Perth and other parts of Western Australia. The club also held regular social events and gatherings for its members and their familie.

The Club celebrating its 70th anniversary tin 2020, the club is known today as the Morley Windmills and plays in Division 1 of the West Australian State League. They are now the oldest surviving football club with Dutch roots.

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