Henk Beumer inaugurated in the WA Hall of Fame.

The Windmills Soccer Club, founded in 1950 by Dutch immigrants led by Hank Beumer, has a rich history in Western Australian soccer. Originally established as a recreational outlet for the local Dutch community, the club navigated its early years and gained entry into the Third Division of the Western Australian Soccer Football Association (WASFA) in 1951. Despite initial challenges, Windmills steadily progressed through the ranks, earning promotion to the Second Division in 1954.

The 1950s and 1960s marked a period of dominance for Windmills, culminating in their State Championships victories in 1961 and 1973. In 1960, the club, along with seven others, broke away from the WASFA, forming the Soccer Federation of Western Australia (SFWA) and initiating a semi-professional league, wherein Windmills finished as runners-up in its inaugural season.

The club underwent significant changes in 1973, merging with the Morley Soccer Club and adopting the name Morley-Windmills. This merger coincided with the relocation to Wotton Reserve in Embelton, where the club continues to thrive. The 1980s brought another high point as Windmills secured promotion to the top flight of the WA Soccer scene and performed admirably in their debut season.

The subsequent decades witnessed the club navigating various league structures, including joining the Professional Soccer League in 1992, followed by a withdrawal from Soccer West Coast in 1997. Despite a brief stint in the Amateur Premier Division, Morley Windmills returned to Soccer West Coast in 2001.

The Club celebrating its 70th anniversary tin 2020, the club is known today as the Morley Windmills and plays in Division 1 of the West Australian State League. They are now the oldest surviving football club with Dutch roots.

Throughout its storied history, Morley Windmills remains proud of its Dutch heritage, embracing a multicultural identity with players and supporters representing various nationalities. The club’s dedication to the sport is evident in its sustained presence and achievements, making it a notable entity in Western Australian soccer.

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Sportblad S.C. Windmills

“Sportblad S.C. Windmills” was a Dutch-language publication that was established in Perth, Australia in 1958. It was the official publication of the Dutch soccer club S.C. “Windmills,” which was also founded in 1958 to serve the Dutch community in Perth and surrounding areas.

The publication focused on soccer news and events related to S.C. “Windmills,” as well as news from the Netherlands and other Dutch-speaking regions. It also featured articles on topics such as Dutch culture and community news.

“Sportblad S.C. Windmills” was published on a regular basis and was distributed to members of the Dutch soccer club as well as to other Dutch migrants living in Perth. The publication played an important role in keeping members of the Dutch community in Perth informed about soccer events and other news related to the club and the broader Dutch community.

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