Enhancing Dutch Australian Cultural Heritage Together

Over the past few years, you have undoubtedly noticed the gradual expansion of Dutch-Australian cultural information within our database. We hold a strong belief in the significance of documenting and safeguarding our Dutch-Australian heritage, with a primary focus on the following areas:

  • Dutch explores, VOC, Dutch maritime history,
  • Netherlands as an ally in the WWII war in the Pacific and East Asia,
  • Migration history and personal stories
  • Dutch-Australian Art
  • Dutch Australia Science, Technology
  • Literature and Language
  • Dutch businesses in Australia

To ensure our continued relevance and the accessibility of our archives, we are in the process of systematically digitising our content. This endeavour enables you and individuals worldwide to access a wealth of information at your convenience. We want to emphasise that membership is not a requirement; our services are open to all.

To this end, we are actively seeking individuals who share our conviction regarding the importance of heritage preservation. We extend a special invitation to those intrigued by this topic to join us at an elevated level of engagement. We envision this group, in collaboration with our Board, as a forum for shaping the future of the DACC. Within this context, we would openly exchange ideas on strategies, action points, and other pivotal matters. Your input and participation in these discussions would be greatly valued. Since this group will encompass an (inter)national scope, communication will occur primarily through email, and when appropriate, platforms like Zoom and other digital media.

To express your interest and learn more, please send an email to dutchaustraliancc@gmail.com

We are seeking assistance in several key areas:

1. Board and Management: We require urgent assistance with finance, planning, lobbying, and general brainstorming, aimed at expansion. Despite our Sydney base, our digital strategy has expanded our reach nationwide and even internationally. Meetings in Sydney can easily accommodate Zoom participation.

2. Archives: We are also in urgent need of someone based in Sydney to assist with our archives. While a background in archiving is beneficial, a genuine interest in research is essential. Our current researcher is departing at year-end but will remain available for guidance and training. Discoveries from the archives are transformed into articles for publication on our website and inclusion in our monthly e-newsletter.

3. Library: Our library boasts over 2000 books, and we are currently in the process of digitising and electronically cataloguing them. Additional support here would be immensely valuable.

4. Research: We are keen to collaborate with individuals who can conduct research, primarily for articles on our website. Numerous examples exist on our website, covering a range of topics within Dutch-Australian culture and history. This may involve locating people and interviewing them, searching for documents, or events pertinent to our focus. We are also open to fresh ideas and suggestions in this domain.

5. Australian-wide Liaison Officers: We envision having DACC liaison officers across Australia and in the Netherlands. Collaboration is central to our future sustainability, particularly as interest wanes compared to the influx of migrants in the 1950s and 1960s. We are exploring new directions that demand pooled resources and activities, necessitating individuals on the ground to assist.

6. Netherlands: With diminishing support from the Dutch Government, it has become imperative for us to establish networks with organisations in the Netherlands relevant to our mission, including migration, VOC history, WWII history, literature, language, and art. We require assistance in contacting these organisations, introducing them to our work, and forging collaborative relationships. Once again, this necessitates individuals based in the Netherlands.

We eagerly anticipate initiating a deeper dialogue with you. Send us an email and I will contact you.

Best regards,

Paul Budde

President, Dutch Australian Cultural Centre (DACC)


We understand that not everyone can contribute in the same way, but we have a simple yet impactful way for all of you to support us: by becoming a member. The best part? Membership is entirely free.

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