In all there were over a dozen WWII airfields in the Top End and many of them were at occasions used by the Dutch. After the 18 NEI Squadron RAAF was fully trained and operational they moved from the training base in Canberra to McDonald Airfield and from here to Batchelor Airfield. However, sometimes their planes were directed to other airfields because of congestion or bad weather. At other times planes were more or less running out of fuel on their way back from Java and just tried to land wherever they could. Finally they also went on missions with other squadrons and started or ended their operation at other airfields.

Here are links to the main airfields used by the Dutch

The18 Squadron NEI RAAF moves to McDonald Airfield, NT (also includes Pine Creek Airfield)

The Dutch at Batchelor Airport in the Northern Territory

WWII Gould Airfield used by the Dutch for maintenance

WWII Pell Airfield, NT – used for maintenance by the Dutch

Adelaide River War Cemetery