Dr. Cornelius Wouters is most likely the internationally most awarded Dutch-Australian. He was awarded the Knighthood in the Order of Oranje-Nassau. He also received the Silver Anjer from the Prins Bernhard Fonds in 1976 for his contribution to the preservation and promotion of Dutch culture in Australia. The Silver Anjer is a prestigious Dutch decoration that has been awarded since 1950 to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to culture or nature in the Kingdom of the Netherlands or Dutch society. Dr. Cornelius Wouters received this decoration for his work as founder of The Dutch Folk Dancing Group and his translations of Dutch literature into English.

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He was made a Commander of the Order of the Star of Italy. The Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity (Italian: Stella della solidarietà italiana) was founded as a national order by the first President of the Italian Republic, Enrico De Nicola, in 1947, to recognise civilian and military expatriates or foreigners who made an outstanding contribution to the reconstruction of Italy after World War II.

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